Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force

Sustainable Naperville 2036 went to City Council!

After 2 years of hard work by NEST volunteers, NEST teamed up with City staff on August 31st for a City Council Workshop on Sustainability. City Council concurred to proceed with the Staff's recommended Immediate plan, Five-year plan, and Outreach/Engagement. This a great start and commitment towards a sustainable Naperville. Please watch the workshop's video and read about the City's committed objectives. [1]

Thanks go out to City Manager Doug Krieger, former NEST Chairwoman Jodi Trendler, current NEST Chairwoman Cathy Clarkin, and Naperville's Sustainability Coordinator Ben Mjolsness for their Workshop presentations.[1] The NEST summary report was presented to City Council on March 16, 2021

Despite Naperville’s reliance on coal fired electricity, electric vehicles (EVs) are still the better choice over gas or diesel vehicles if you want to lower your carbon footprint. Naperville, second only to Chicago, has the highest rate of adoption of EVs in the state. In this November 26th article from the Chicago Tribune, NEST’s chair, Cathy Clarkin, and NEST’s Transportation chair, Bruce Jones, discuss how the recently passed federal infrastructure legislation will improve EV infrastructure and provide other sustainability benefits to Naperville.

For the complete report as well as quick overview, visit Sustainable Naperville 2036.

Please continue to show your support for a future resilient and sustainable Naperville:

Building a Resilient Future

The Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force (NEST) is a group of concerned citizens working together to create a climate action plan as a roadmap for Naperville to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through 2040.

After 2 years of hard work by NEST volunteers, the Sustainable Naperville 2036 Report is complete was submitted to the City of Naperville government. It summarizes the current state of Naperville's environment, energy use, and sustainability efforts. It also lays out goals to reduce carbon dioxide and other pollutants and a pathway to achieve those goals. At the 8/31/21 City Council Workshop on Sustainability, City Council concurred to proceed with the Staff's recommended Immediate plan, Five-year plan, and Outreach/Engagement.

​But, were not done. We work in committees to gather data, research best practices, and identify cities that are getting sustainability right to serve as role models. We also survey Naperville citizens and businesses to identify their goals and priorities.

Please learn more about us, attend any of our meetings, peruse resources, read our news, volunteer for a team, or simply contact us.

Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force

Front & Center

  • NEST Monthly Community Meeting:
    Monday 12/20/21 @ 7PM
    Due to the pandemic, it will be held on Zoom.
    This meeting is open to the public, but registration is necessary. Register for the meeting at:
    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

  • City Council Workshop on Sustainability:
    At this 8/31/21 City Council Workshop, Council unanimously agreed on the proposed Immediate Plan (Current – December 2022), Five-year Plan (2023 – 2028), and directed staff to continue working with NEST and other community partners to design and conduct outreach and engagement efforts for different audiences and groups (2022 – 2023).

  • Naperville's Sustainability Coordinator:
    At the 11/23/20 Budget Workshop, City Council supported hiring a full-time staff member to develop and coordinate sustainability programs.
    Ben Mjolsness is now our city's first sustainabillity coordinator. Please enjoy this NCTV-17 interview of Mr. Mjolsness.