NEST committees are where the hard work takes place. Broken into the different strategic initiatives of NEST, the committees support the task force’s goals by finding the science and technology to support sustainability decisions and bringing that back to the group. They also identify best practices used by other municipalities that might be implemented in Naperville. Most committees meet once or twice a month in the evening; the meeting schedule can be found on the Events page.

New members are encouraged to get involved with a committee. To express interest, fill out this form, attend a meeting, or email the committee chair.

Building & Development

The Building and Development committee works to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from Naperville’s buildings, both new and existing, both residential and commercial.  

The Committee engages with City Officials, Council members, and residents to promote the adoption of updated building codes, increase building energy efficiency and implement electrification.

The Building & Development committee meets online the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.

To get involved, contact Barbara Benson at [email protected]

City Engagement

This City Engagement committee manages NEST’s communications and relations with Naperville city staff and city council. When interactions with the city are necessary, the committee supports the work of all the NEST committees and ensures proactive communications and engagement between city staff and NEST volunteers.

No matter what form the message takes, the City Engagement committee helps craft and facilitate communication that speaks clearly and precisely to the issues being discussed.

Meets as needed.

To get involved, contact Carl VanDril at [email protected]

Community Engagement

The NEST Community Engagement committee works to inform and educate Naperville residents as well as community and business leaders. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of other NEST committees, it uses the task force website and social media to promote educational events, address community concerns about sustainability, and provide resources for residents to improve their own environmental footprint.

The committee meets online the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Contact to get involved, contact Bill Simon at [email protected]


The energy committee tackles the hard issues associated with Naperville’s excessive burning of coal to produce our electricity. Coal generates 80% of Naperville’s electricity. This creates environmental waste of toxic chemicals and spews megatons of greenhouse gas emissions that warm the planet. The committee works to promote renewable energy to replace coal. Energy efficiency is also part of our scope to lower the overall use of energy in both commercial and residential settings.

The Energy committee meets on Tuesday, every other week at 7:30pm.

To get involved, contact Maureen Stillman at [email protected]

Natural Resources

The NEST Natural Resources committee envisions a community that has transitioned from conventional landscapes to thriving, biodiversity enhancing native gardens, experiences the benefits of biodiverse street tree cover to lower ambient temperatures while providing habitat for wildlife, and has transitioned from gas powered lawn equipment to electric alternatives. We work toward this vision by highlighting the work of community partners engaged in conservation and climate work and amplifying their message to the City and community at large.

This committee does not meet regularly, but if you have suggestions for initiatives or community partners to include, please reach out to the committee chair.

Contact to get involved: [email protected]


Working to outline a strategic plan to develop the transition for clean, healthy, efficient transportation, as well as increased walkability and bikability.

Contact to get involved: [email protected]


Working to outline a strategic plan to reduce waste.

Contact to get involved: [email protected]


Young people have a lot to gain if we work to address climate change. NEST Youth Team tackles local issues of sustainability and the climate crisis, while learning how our actions connect to the region and the planet. High school and college students welcome. This is a great opportunity to make a difference, while also earning community service hours or working on a related academic project. Team members will have the chance to meet with elected officials, learn from mentors and role models, and practice their leadership skills.

Contact to get involved: [email protected]

School District Engagement

The NEST School District Engagement team, made of students, parents, and community members, assists Districts 203 and 204 in identifying and setting sustainability goals.

Contact to get involved: [email protected]