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  • 2022/09/01 Walkability Presentation to the Naperville Transportation Advisory Board: Dr. Reed Perkins, Professor of Environmental Studies at North Central College presented how Geographic Information System (GIS) tools may be used evaluate walkability in Naperville. Tom Craighead from NEST provided some background on the topic.

  • 2022/03/31 Chicago Tribune: "Naperville youth sustainability team tackling climate change one plastic bag at a time."

  • 2022/03/22 Chicago Tribune: Nice coverage about NEST's effort to "push the city’s electric consortium away from coal in favor of more carbon-free energy sources".

  • 2022/02/21 Daily Herald: Read about the launch of NEST's Youth Team.

  • 2022/01/15 NCTV17: Watch this "Spotlight" interview with NEST’s chair, Cathy Clarkin, about how the taskforce works with the city and community to create a sustainable future.

  • 2021/11/26 Chicago Tribune: Despite Naperville’s reliance on coal fired electricity, electric vehicles (EVs) are still the better choice over gas or diesel vehicles if you want to lower your carbon footprint. Naperville, second only to Chicago, has the highest rate of adoption of EVs in the state. NEST’s chair, Cathy Clarkin, and NEST’s Transportation chair, Bruce Jones, discuss how the recently passed federal infrastructure legislation will improve EV infrastructure and provide other sustainability benefits to Naperville.

  • 2021/08/31 City Council Workshop on Sustainability: At this workshop, Council unanimously agreed on the proposed Immediate Plan (Current – December 2022), Five-year Plan (2023 – 2028), and directed staff to continue working with NEST and other community partners to design and conduct outreach and engagement efforts for different audiences and groups (2022 – 2023).

  • 2021/08/02 NCTV17 interview with Mr. Jjolsness: Please enjoy this interview of Mr Ben Mjolness, Naperville's fist sustainability coordinator. (Recall, at the 11/23/20 Budget Workshop, City Council supported hiring a full-time staff member to develop and coordinate sustainability programs.)

Please read these news articles and blog posts about the City Council Sustainable Naperville 2036 workshop:

NEST Presents Local Sustainability Experts

2021/11/14: Greg Hubert of CLEAN, the Clean Energy Alliance of Naperville, provides the latest on Naperville’s coal electricity from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) and the Prairie State Energy Campus (PSEC).

Watch the NEST Presents Local Sustainability Experts playlist or visit our youtube channel for more videos.

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Please enjoy some videos of NEST and others advocating for our community. Watch the NEST in action playlist or visit our youtube channel for more videos.

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