Residents can do their part to contribute to sustainability in Naperville.

Incentive programs

Thousands of dollars are available through multiple incentive programs to help make the transition to sustainable alternatives.



  • Electrify your home. Learn why electrification is part of climate solutions
    • Replace your gas-powered furnace and air conditioning with a heat pump
    • Change all appliances like gas-powered hot water heaters and dryers to electric variants
  • Invest in good insulation to reduce energy costs

Contact NEST to hear personal experiences of adding solar, cooking with induction stoves, and heating with a heat pump. It can be done and we love talking about it!

View the City of Naperville’s guidelines to sustainable building and development.


  • Walk or bike instead of driving
  • Use public transit
  • Replace fossil fuel powered vehicles with electric vehicles


  • Reduce purchases of single use items and use reusable containers like water bottles, grocery bags, and tableware. Reuse > Recycling > Single-use.
  • Build and use a compost pile for food and yard scraps


  • Plant trees to absorb water and cool your house.
  • Plant gardens to produce your own food.
  • Plant native plants to absorb water and reduce the amount of landcover by grass.
  • Build a rain barrel to use to water your yard.