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Help us build a resilient, sustainable Naperville by contributing to one of our communities by filling out the following form. Committee descriptions follow the form. Please contact us if you have questions or consider subscribing to our mailing list.

Committee Descriptions

  1. Building & Planning: The Building and Development Committee aims to address a pragmatic and prolific reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the proposed and built environment of the city of Naperville. Meets via Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

  2. Community Engagement: Working to engage and educate the community to create and raise awareness of the sustainability plan. Meets virtually at various times. Sign up to be notified.

  3. Energy: The energy committee tackles the hard issues associated with Naperville's excessive burning of coal (exceeding 80%) to produce our electricity. This generates environmental waste of toxic chemicals and spews megatons of greenhouse gas emissions which are warming the planet. This represents the by far largest share of Naperville's pollution. We work on promoting renewable energy to replace coal. Energy efficiency is also part of our scope to lower the overall use of energy in both commercial and residential settings. Meets every other Tuesdays at 7:30 PM.

  4. Metrics & Measurement:

  5. Natural Resources: Working to outline a strategic plan to conserve and employ natural resources to mitigate and prepare for climate change impacts. Meets every 4th Monday .

  6. Operations: Provides technical support for the task force volunteers

  7. Transportation: Working to outline a strategic plan to develop the transition for clean, healthy, efficient transportation, as well as increased walkability and bikability. Meets virtualy at various times.

  8. Waste: Working to outline a strategic plan to reduce waste to become a Net Zero Waste Community by 2050. Meets virtualy at various times.

  9. Youth: Young people have a lot to gain if we work to address climate change. NEST Youth Team tackles local issues of sustainability and the climate crisis, while learning how our actions connect to the region and the planet. High school and college students welcome. This is a great opportunity to make a difference, while also earning community service hours or working on a related academic project. Team members will have the chance to meet with elected officials, learn from mentors and role models, and practice their leadership skills.