Naperville residents show up to demonstrate support for transitioning off of coal to clean energy

Climate change, pollution, and economic trends all point to a need to transition off of coal to clean energy, but Naperville and its electricity supplier, IMEA, have not yet made a clean energy transition plan. Speakers at the September 25 meeting and the over 200 residents in the audience are asking for such a plan. Together we can reduce our carbon emissions while ensuring clean, afforadable electricity. 

Please watch the video of our October community meeting, and then join us in our efforts. You can start by writing City Council – guidelines are here.  

This meeting was the outcome of the work of many coalition partners, demonstrating wide support for an end to coal. Organizers of the event included NEST, Citizens Climate Lobby-Naperville, League of Women Voters of Naperville, Citizens Climate Lobby-Naperville, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign. Ten additional organizations participated as supporters, including local environmental, clean energy, and climate action groups.