November 2023: Kitchen Table Decisions, Meaningful Carbon Reduction

As we face daunting pollution and climate challenges, we can greatly increase the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in our homes and in our transportation.  We have the technology and incentives we need to make these key changes to deal with the climate crisis.  Approximately 42% of greenhouse gas reduction in the United States will result from “kitchen table” decisions, such as which car to buy or how to heat and cool your home. Learn which decisions have the biggest impact and how you can save money.

About Tom: Tom Coleman is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and he currently lives in Naperville.  Tom’s career has spanned manufacturing, information technology, strategic planning, human change management, and process improvement disciplines.  Before moving into the sustainability space five years ago where he now works on environmental, social, and climate education, Tom was a Chief Information Officer for 25 years.  

Tom joined the Climate Reality Project in 2019 and he received his Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in 2020.  He now leads the Chicago Metro Chapter as Chapter Chair and is the leader for the electric vehicle campaign.

Tom is a member of NEST and the Electric Vehicle Association.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a Certified Change Management Professional, and has two certifications as a Business Process Master.