Past meetings

You can view past meeting slide presentations here.

July 2023: Community Feedback Session 

NEST hosted another meeting briefing community members about who NEST is, what environmental problems does Naperville have, and what goals NEST has.

Attendees then took part in an idea-making session where breakout groups answered the questions "What would Naperville look like if we fixed its environmental problems" and "What are our priorities, and what skills do we have to offer to help solve environmental problems". Groups then came back together and shared their findings and ideas generated were documented for further use.  Read more 

June 2023: NEST meets with Residents to Discuss Working Together to Create a Sustainable Future for Naperville

Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force (NEST) hosted a meeting with Naperville residents about community engagement and a sustainable future for Naperville on June 19, 2023 at Naperville Municipal Center.

Ashfaq Syed, community activist and community organizer was the speaker and shared his thoughts on how to increase NEST’s efforts with community engagement to help build a sustainable future for Naperville.  [read more and get involved]